Musical Devices for +50

If you happen to’ve ever had the urge to be taught an instrument however haven’t had time, you would possibly discover life slows down as you get to 50 and really have the time to significantly think about taking over a musical instrument. However you don’t wish to spend years taking classes earlier than you possibly can even really feel you’re getting the grasp of it! You need to have the ability to play songs actually rapidly, in any case, you’ve waited a very long time to do that! So what’s the best instrument to be taught at 50?

The Recorder 

The recorder is without doubt one of the best devices to be taught. Many faculties educate the recorder within the early years and it provides strong musical begin for kids.
For older inexperienced persons, one of the best factor concerning the recorder is it doesn’t take a variety of breath to get a sound out of it, making it a simple musical instrument to be taught for adults.
There are totally different recorders that play at totally different pitches: soprano, alto, and tenor, every one progressively bigger than the final. As soon as you possibly can play one among them, you possibly can play all of them! The bigger the recorder, the decrease and richer the sound.
Recorders might be product of plastic or wooden. The wood ones are inclined to have a richer sound than the plastic ones. However in case you simply wish to get going and see in case you prefer it, you can begin with an inexpensive plastic one after which improve.
The excellent news is that in case you grasp the recorder, you possibly can simply transfer on to play the clarinet, the saxophone or the flute because the finger placement is similar.

The Lyre Harp 

Harps are available in many sizes and with numerous numbers of strings. A small Celtic harp can perch on the knee, or on a small stool in entrance of the participant, and may be very transportable. When performed properly, the recorder is a pleasure to take heed to.
The lyre harp is absolutely small and far simpler to be taught than an enormous harp. They’ll have from 7 to 10 strings. They’re extraordinarily reasonably priced too, making this an excellent musical instrument for adults to be taught, plus the sound is mild and ethereal.

Percussion Devices

Percussion devices are a lot simpler to grasp and have an natural, primitive really feel to them.  They’re one of the best instrument to be taught in case you lack the boldness to be taught a tuned instrument. If you happen to do resolve to be taught a percussion instrument, you would possibly resolve to be taught to play a number of slightly than only one. They’re the simplest devices to be taught of all devices as you possibly can’t play any fallacious notes!
Drum circles are highly regarded and nice social occasions, making the drum among the best devices to be taught at 50.
Even with no drum circle, you don’t have to get a band collectively. Put a few of your favourite music on and play together with it! That is one thing you are able to do with virtually any percussion instrument, making this among the best devices to be taught.


One other very historic instrument that’s present in numerous kinds from everywhere in the world is the bongos. Bongos are a set of two conjoined drums, one small with a excessive tone and one bigger with a decrease tone. You may get bongos made of assorted totally different supplies, however whichever you select to get, they’re very reasonably priced.
Performed with the fingers and utilizing the arms in a strategic option to change the sound of every drum, they’re among the best devices to be taught.


The castanets are a pair of tiny wood percussion devices related to dancing flamenco. To play them, you connect them to your thumbs and use your fingers to supply the click sound.


The tambourine is a quite simple however efficient percussion instrument to play together with on all of your favourite songs or play together with a pal who performs the piano or guitar. There are a lot of variations within the model of tambourine you possibly can select. Some are all steel, some are wood with animal pores and skin, and so forth. All of them have “jingles” –  small cymbals constructed into the aspect, however the variety of cymbals varies. You may produce fairly a couple of totally different sounds relying on whether or not you bang it or shake it. That is undoubtedly one of many best devices to be taught.

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